Meet George & Weezy

George and Weezy -- The early days:

George and Weezy were found as strays in Chester County, South Carolina. How two purebred black pugs end up as strays, I will never understand. They were likely the products of a puppy mill. About the only thing about these two that meets the AKC breed standard is their personality -- loving, loving and more loving all the time. I don't care if they are made out of spare pug parts. I love them just the same.

When found, Weezy had recently just had a litter of puppies. The whereabouts of her babies is unknown. George and Weezy, who wandered aimlessly for lord knows how long, turned up on the doorstep of a nice woman who called Pug Rescue of North Carolina.

Robin Martin, a loving Pug Rescue foster mom, took the sickly kids in and got them healthy. Weezy, then known as Griselda, got spayed, vaccinated, bathed and fed. George, then Gomez, got the same treatment.

A week before George and Weezy were found, I had filled out an application with Pug Rescue in the hopes of adopting a rescued pug. Little did I know that I would be getting not one but two pugs and black ones at that.

I talked with Robin on a Tuesday night on February 2003. She told me that these two babies needed to be adopted together, because of their extreme attachment to one another. I didn't know the extent of that connection until I got them home a week later.

I didn't hesitate a minute to say I would take them both. George and Weezy came home to stay at the end of February 2003.

A look at the little imps

George, aka Georgie, Rude McRude, Mr. Independent: George, who borrowed his named from TV's "The Jeffersons," is one strange dude. He's the perfect combination of love and aloofness. It took him a long time to warm up to me, and though he does love me, his true love is Weezy. I don't know how they're related, but George is her caretaker. He's constantly by her side, cleaning her and watching over her. George's favorite things are his toys, rawhide bones, afternoon naps in the sun and peeing on every last bush outside.

Weezy, aka the Bug, Weezerbug, Fatty, Bugger: Also named for a TV "Jefferson," Weezy has a double-meaning for a pug, as any pug parent knows. Being the flatter-faced of my two pugs, Weezy spends a lot of time wheezing! She basically has two favorite things: food, and attention. Weezy is both more food-motivated and more overtly affectionate than George. She loves to give kisses, and gets very jealous if I pay more attention to George (or any other creature, for that matter).